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Fiction Audiobooks

Music Boxes by Tonja Drecker / Dancing Lemur Press ACX
Hold Your Breath by Chad Lee Erway / ACX
Interview for a Barista by Michelle Ann Holstein / ACX
A Special Kind of Double by Trish Perry / ACX
Remember Joy by Ginny Sterling / ACX
Revealing the Christmas Angel by Teresa Ives Lilly/ ACX

Maggie the Magnificent by Erin Lee / ACX

Non Fiction Audiobooks

Biblical Commentaries / CBS
Red Sea to Jordan River
Ruth & Samuel


Miscellaneous Performance Experience

75+ Plays and Musicals Nationwide
3 Commercials / 4 Films
IVR Museum of the City of New York

Coaching & Training

BFA in Theatre / University of California Irvine
Sean Pratt / Audiobook and Business Coaching
Jim Johnson / The Accents Class / Accent & Dialect Coaching

David H. Lawrence XVII / ACX Masterclass Audiobook Coaching

William Needles / Stratford Festival Speech & Movement

Melodie Somers / Playwrights Horizons NYC

Jacquie Crago / Royal Shakespeare Company Text Interpretation

Vocal Instruction / Suzanne Jackson & Noel Graves Williams

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